Power BI Series

Check out the 1st Video of the Power BI Series and learn how to build your first Power BI report in less than 15 minutes.

In this video we are covering:

  • Why should you move away from reports in Excel
  • How to install Power BI Desktop
  • How to connect to an excel dataset
  • Introduction to  Card, Multi-Row Card, Bing Map, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Matrix, Donut Chart visuals
  • Set Conditional Formatting Data Bars
  • Size, Align and Distribute visuals
  • Create a Top and Bottom N KPI
  • Edit Interactions for cross filters

Keep tuned for the next video and learn how to refresh the report with new data

You can download the files here:

  1. Link to GitHub: https://github.com/Bordalos/Power-BI/
  2. Link to OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!At1CSmc…

And access the online dashboard here

My Stock Investment

Yes this is my other “hobby”.

I’ve built this report to track the performance of my investment in stocks.
As you may suspect it is something that I particularly care and for that reason this report is a real world scenario!
Due to privacy concerns I am only showing % weights and variations on the investments. But in truth, that’s the most important outcome of the analysis. Just assume x dollars and do the mats to convert it to  dollar amount

Technically, I’ve used a few distinct approaches to collect and transform the data for the report:

  1. Excel file located in OneDrive for manual input of my transactions;
  2. R Script to scrap daily prices online from Google (Quantmod package);
  3. HTML direct query Yahoo finance;
  4. Image URL method to display the companies logos (OneDrive repository);
  5. Parameter and Invoked Function to change the Proxy and automatically recalculate the figures;
  6. A bunch of measures with var … return if …, lookup table and others not so fancy but effective technics.

This still a work-in-process and I am planning to do a good piece of improvements. So not be surprise if it had changed meanwhile.
If you are interested to know anything related to this report and the technics I’ve used here,  just drop me an email or leave a comment below.

How to install Power BI

Installing Power BI Desktop is really simple and it’s FREE . Just go to https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/get-started and download the latest version to your machine. Run the executable and boom 2. You are now empowered to create your own amazing reports.

The PBI desktop will be from now on your best companion and soon you won’t be using any other toll to do your analysis.

In more than 95% of the times you will already have a MS Office license in your Organization. Although if that’s not the case and you don’t have one licence you can sign up Office 365 for a 1 month trial.

Note: You will need to have a work or school email account to sign in into the Power BI Service or Power BI Mobile. More on that later. For now I suggest you start to discover the possibilities of the desktop version.

Sales KPI in one page

Sales KPI in one page

Here just an example of one page dashboard containing lots of information.
With Power BI it’s really quick and easy to create impressive presentations for that last-minute meeting with your client or boss. Yes, we all have been in that situation more often than we would like . Is exactly in that moments that PBI excels from the other BI and Analytics tools.

The agility you can build a report from the most untidy dataset, is not only going to save you lots of stress but also make you outstanding.

Check out the video series How to create a Power BI Report and Get the Power!


The First Time

It was love at the first sight! I tested the Power BI desktop for the first time back in 2016 and it completely blew my mind!
I've Got the Power
After been more than 10 year working in Finance and Accounting roles where Excel is the King , I knew PBI had come to change the game. In fact I had been for the last couple months get into Power Pivot and Power Query and at the time I thought those add-ins where already amazing. But is when you see those add ins combined with an astonishing visualizations graphs in the same suite that you can fully realize how powerful is this tool.

I’ve decided to create this blog to share with all of you that are new to this world how to use Power BI and leverage your works. There are endless reasons to get the Power, so stick around.