The Purple People

The first time I heard the term “Purple People” was from a close friend when discussing what is my current role and how I fit in an organization.  She said  “So you are a Purple People?”  and my immediate response was :

Then she explained that I am a mix of RED, from my experience in Business and Accounting,  and  BLUE, from my technology experience,  what makes me a PURPLE person.

Off course I went to learn more about the origin of this concept and I found Wayne Eckerson’s 2010 article “Purple People”: The Key to BI Success“, credited as the first to define the “purple person”, and most recently Tom Davenport’s  Purple people: The heart of cognitive systems engineering.

Both advocate the value of people that speaks Red and Blue in a modern organization and why you might want to make yourself more purple.

I believe that more than ever future belongs to purple and was never so important to become one.

Technology is changing workplaces at faster speed ever. As always happens in transition periods, some jobs become obsolete and are replaced by new roles emerging from new technology and methods.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to jump on this wagon and start learning a new skill set.

Emails Tracker with Power Automate and Power BI

Many times we need to keep tracking emails related with a particular subject, received from a specific address or sent to a defined mailbox, etc. From day-to-day operations to external contacts, there are plenty of real life scenarios when it happens and there is a big probability be doing it currently.
The majority of the time our options are either, go email by email and copy the entries into a spreadsheet or pay for one of the thousand software off-the-shelf available in the market nowadays. If the latter can be expensive, the former is not only time-consuming but also it can lead to many errors.

The good news are there is a third option that is a really cheap and easy way to automate and improve this process. We are going to use Power Automate, Outlook, SharePoint and Power BI from your Office 365 subscription.

Flow diagram

In this scenario we are tracking emails received in a Shared Mailbox with a particular Subject. In order to automate the process we are going to create a flow in Microsoft Flow that is recording and entry for each email received in a SharePoint List. Then we connect Power BI to the SharePoint List and import the data to create a Report that is going to be our Email Tracker. After published to the Power BI Service we are going to embed the report into a SharePoint Page. Parallel to it, an email with dashboard is sent daily to the subscribers. Continue reading “Emails Tracker with Power Automate and Power BI”

Stop wasting money and time

How much time do you spend doing repetitive and tedious tasks to get your data and create your reports?

Multiply it by the cost per hour and you will find how much money you are spending on it.
Now eliminate this wasted time and instead, use it to grow your business or add value to your organization.
How much value are you adding?
Sum both amounts and you’ll find how much money your losing by missing out on the process automation.

Don’t be fooled by small tasks. Say for example that weekly report that takes you 2 hours every Monday to run. You spend roughly 8 hours per month or 112 hours year.
If the cost per hour is €20 you spend €2240 doing this task. Does it worth €2k? And how about the business you can do with this 100+ hours? I am sure you got me.

At this point you’re asking: How can I have the task done not loosing all that amount of time and money?
My answer is: Eliminate, Simplify, Automate, Delegate.

“Never automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated or streamlined.” Tim Ferriss

Eliminate – You would be surprised how many times I heard “I am doing it because…
this is the way it’s always been done ”
So, do you really need to do that report? Does anyone look at it in the end?
If not, stop doing it.

Simplify – Over time we all tend to overcomplicate. Is just one more detail, one more chart, one more process… and we end up with something that you’ll need a guide to understand what it is. Often less is more. Focus in what is really important and remove all the unnecessary noise.

Automate – Our most precious attribute is we are thinking beings. Thinking is what distinct us from other animals and what make us continue to evolve. No one should have to do tedious and repetitive tasks that can be done by a machine, a system or a process.
Leave the dirty work for the machines and concentrate in doing what you are good at…Thinking.

Delegate – The breakpoint is whenever you can earn more than what costs you to delegate, you should look for someone to do it for you.
Delegate it’s hard mostly because we are afraid of losing control of something we see as ours. But it is a necessary pain if you want to grow your business or get more time for what you really enjoy.
Find someone with the right skills to do that task for you and free yourself. At the end you are still profiting in money and time.