Where should I live to be happier?

This is almost a clickbaite question, but is possible to know which country would make you happier depending on what you value the most. In the report below we are using the “Happiness rank and scores by country, 2019″ dataset, extracted from Kaggle.

On a side note Kaggle is a wonderful resource for free datasets to use on your projects.

As you can see the happiest countries overall in the world are Finland, followed by Denmark and Norway, so if you don’t mind the cold weather, pack your things and join the Finns 🙂

On the other hand if you prefer the warm weather and health is one of your main concerns, Singapore or Spain would be your best bet.

Have fun exploring the happiness report below and let me know, which would be the perfect country for you.

Power BI Series

Check out the 1st Video of the Power BI Series and learn how to build your first Power BI report in less than 15 minutes.

In this video we are covering:

  • Why should you move away from reports in Excel
  • How to install Power BI Desktop
  • How to connect to an excel dataset
  • Introduction to  Card, Multi-Row Card, Bing Map, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Matrix, Donut Chart visuals
  • Set Conditional Formatting Data Bars
  • Size, Align and Distribute visuals
  • Create a Top and Bottom N KPI
  • Edit Interactions for cross filters

Keep tuned for the next video and learn how to refresh the report with new data

You can download the files here:

  1. Link to GitHub: https://github.com/Bordalos/Power-BI/
  2. Link to OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!At1CSmc…

And access the online dashboard here