The Purple People

Posted on January 1, 0001  •  2 minutes  • 216 words

The first time I heard the term “Purple People” was from a close friend when discussing how my role and I fit in an organization. She said “So you are a Purple People?” and my immediate response was a confused-face-1.png

Then she explained that I am a mix of RED , from my experience in Business and Accounting, and BLUE , from my technology experience, which makes me a PURPLE person.

Off course I went to learn more about the origin of this concept and I found Wayne Eckerson’s 2010 article “Purple People”: The Key to BI Success“ , credited as the first to define the “purple person”, and most recently Tom Davenport’s Purple people: The Heart of Cognitive Systems Engineering .

Both advocate the value of people who speak Red and Blue in a modern organization and why you might want to make yourself more purple.

I believe that more than ever, the future belongs to purple and it has never been so important to become one.

Technology is changing workplaces at a faster speed than ever. As always happens in transition periods, some jobs become obsolete and are replaced by new roles emerging from new technology and methods.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to jump on this wagon and start learning a new skill set.

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