What we offer


Individual or Group training on Power BI

Dashboards & Reports

Development of tailored Analytics Dashboards and Reports

Process Improvement

Diagnostic, measurement and implementation

For the last 11+ years my roles always involved and depended heavily with data . From Financial and Accounting to currently as BI professional.

During this time, I have witnessed people wasting their time and organizations spending lots of money in processes that could be automated, if not completely, at least a significant portion.

The good news is we are living a revolution on the Analysis and Reporting world.  Tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps
and Power Automate are empowering people with skill sets and techniques that until now were only expected from IT people.

Don’t get me wrong, now more than ever, Business and IT need to talk the same language. Learning these new skills will help to build the bridge between these two worlds.

I believe the democratisation of knowledge on data techniques that tools like Power BI and Power Apps promote, is game changer.

I am passionate about simplifying and automate reporting processes. Our time is so valuable that no one should have to do a task that can be done by a machine.

Teach others to achieve better results is another of my passions.

That is the reason why we started BORDATA. We are here to help you and your organization to :

  • Enrich your skills on data and analysis by learning new tools and techniques.

  • Save money and time by eliminating or automatizing inefficient processes and reports.

  • Get more insights from your current data. Accurate, reliable and timely information is key for any organization

José Almeida